We have a fantastic range of massages to release tenion impove cirulation and enhance well beining


Relax the mind body & soul with a soothing & relaxing aroma body oil, relax the muscles with Swedish massage techniques that sooth and stretch muscles and ease tension



40 minutes £35



60 minutes £60


Begin with dry body brushing to motivate the simulate the lymphatic system before  using a bend of uplifting aromatherapy oils that aid in stimulating the senses and enhance mood, ideal for anyone feeling tense or sluggish



40 minutes £35



60 minutes £60

Deep Tissue

A high pressure vigorous massage that really stretches the muscles and works deep to eliminate knots and loosen tight muscles



40 minutes £45



60 minutes £65

Lava Shell

A deep massage using  natural mineral heated heated lava shells to stretch muscles & release tension whilst improving circulation




60 minutes £70

Hot Stone

Using smooth heated basalt stone that heat up the muscles faster giving way for a deeper  massage, this treatment is very relaxing



60 minutes £75