Our range of eyelash extensions allow you to enhance & extend the appearance of your eyes, creating a fantastic look that can last for weeks or days perfect for any occasion

Cluster Lashes

These lashes will last from 1-2 weeks, they give a bold yet natural enhancement

45 minutes £30

Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions

Great for someone who loves the effect of mascara but doesn’t  enjoy the daily application & sometimes harsh removal at the end of the day.Semi permanent eyelash extensions can be applied for a very natural yet fully enhanced effect, longer thicker lashes that lasts foe weeks. These will  last up to  6 weeks and will need maintenance e-4 weeks

Full Set

90 minutes



45 minutes £30

60 minutes £45

3D Volume Lashes

Like the semi permanent eyelash extensions will last up to 6 weeks needing infill maintenance at around 2-4 weeks. The 3D volume lashes are ideal for someone looking for a more obvious and dramatic look

full set

120 minutes



5 miutes £45

60 minutes £60