ideal for fighting the signs of aging,


mechanical exfoliation, ideal for skin reservacing… boost coolengen & elastin

to create a plumber smoother apperance

45 minutes £60


musle toning,

a machanical work out for the face

reduce the signs on sang skin by using a small electrical current that stimulates the facial muscles

80 minutes £95


draw out inpurites rebalance ph

45 minutes £70

Chemical Peels

chemicalppeesl are offer intsnt resislts ggo for acne malsh pgmtaion they are also anti aging,  they come in diffent strehghs which your practier will advise you at consultaton

Light Peel



45 minutes £80

Medium Peel

deep peels

skin reguvernationg reservacing ph balanicng


45 minutes £95

Deep Peel

deep peel penetrates deeper layers of the skin down ti,me

45 minutes £120