Classic Facials



You will get a deep cleanse that will leave your mind & skin refreshed for days. A regular facial is a great way to keep problematic skin & breakouts under control all our classic facial treatments include a double cleanse, exfoliation & steam

In our classic range you will find a choice of facials suitable for all skin types including mature skin, dry & oily skin and teenage skin

Velvet Finish

This skin plumping collagen boosting skin hydrating facials is ideal for mature skin, stimulate collagen & elastin with our combination of enriching products that leave your skin hydrated and deeply moisturized ideal for mature skin


30 minutes £30


60 minutes £60

Marine Quench

Hydrate & brighten with this thirst thrusting facial ideal for dry or sensitive skin. Your skin is delicately double cleansed, dull skin buffed away  hydration is then added finished off with a collagen boosting hydraulic mask leaving your skin nice & moist, extremely hydrated with a smoother texture


30 minutes £30


60 minutes £60

Refresh & Revive

Awaken the senses with our deep cleansing, aromatherapy facial. This treatment is not only great for tired dull skin it also works wonders on the mind too. This treatment is nourishing, uplifting & a positive way to relive stress whilst pampering you skin. This facial includes an Indian head massage


30 minutes £30


60 minutes £60

Teenage Facial

Lower the chances of taking these skin concerns into the 20’s and beyond. With a specialist working with your teenage skin, to help minimize & eradicate the problems that often come with hormonal changes.This treatment is designed to deal with hormonal skin which is prone to various types of acne 


45 minutes £35

Advanced Facials


If you have specific skin care concerns such as acne, uneven skin tone or texture or excesses oily skin, extremely dry skin or to reduce fine lines & wrinkles one of our advanced skincare treatments is highly recommended. Have a look at  out our advanced facials


Microderbrason is a mechanical exfoliation treatment combined with suction which boost collagen production , skin is left radiant and more plump

45 minutes £60


The non surgical face lift, ideal for anyone concerned with the signs of aging  this muscle  toning, treatment is a mechanical work out for the face, working on every muscle on the face reducing  the signs on sagging skin by using a small electrical current that stimulates the facial muscles and begin to tone

80 minutes £95

High Frequency

Draw out impurities and re balance ph levels with a high frequency facial, using ionized  products and an electrode rode enable the products to penetrate the lower layers of the skin working on any in balances, great for active acne

45 minutes £70

Chemical Peels

Chemicals peels a great treat for the all skin types, they rejuvenate re balance and are anti wrinkling. They come in different strengths and can improve various skin concerns

Light Peel

This peel will  provide a superficial peeling affect, breaking down the  top layers of the skin reveling a brighter, tighter complexion, no down time required


45 minutes £80

Medium Peel

This peel is great for people with hyper pigmentation acne & acne scaring  malsam and many more dramatically visible skin issues. This depth off peel will,improve the skin texture tone and complexion


45 minutes £95

Deep Peel

This peel exfoliates the outer layers of the skin as well as boosting the cell renewal  process and speeds up the natural exfoliation process, skin is tighter fuller and fresher, down time may be reqiured

45 minutes £120


We have a fantastic range of massages to release tension and tight muscles  improve circulation and enhance well being


relax the mind  with a warm & relaxing aroma body oil  relax the muscles using  Swedish massage techniques that sooth an stretch  musles  ease tension an aid



40 minutes £35


60 minutes £60

This starts of with dry body brushing to motivate the lymphatic system before using a blend of uplifting aromatherapy oils that aid in stimulating the senses and enhance mood, ideal fro anyone feeling tense & sluggish


40 minutes £35


60 minutes £60

Deep Tissue

A high pressure massage that really stretches the muscles and works deep to eliminate knots and loosen tight muscles


40 minutes £45


60 minutes £65

Lava Shell

A deep massage using natural mineral heated lava shells to strength muscles & release tension whilst improving circulation


60 minutes £70

Hot Stone

Using smooth heated basalt stone that heat up the muscles faster giving way for a deeper massage, this treatment is very relaxing


60 minutes £75

Eyelash Extensions


Our range of eyelash extensions allow you to extend and enhance the appearance of your eyes, creating a fantastic look that can last for weeks or days perfect for any occasion

Cluster Lashes

These lashes can last up from 1 to 2 weeks, they give a bold yet natural enhancement


45 minutes £30

Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions

Great for some who loves the effect of mascara, but dose not enjoy the daily application & sometimes harsh removal at the end of the day. Semi permanent eyelash extensions can be applied for a very natural yet fully enhanced effect, longer thicker lashes that lasts for weeks. These lashes will last up to 6 weeks and will need maintenance 2-4 weeks

Full Set

90 minutes



45 minutes £30

60 minutes £45

3D Volume Lashes

Like the semi permanent eyelash extensions these will last up to 6 weeks needing infill maintenance at around 2-4 weeks, The 3D volume lashes are ideal for someone looking for a more obvious and dramatic look

full set

120 minutes



5 miutes £45

60 minutes £60